TARI® Business Health Check

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Find out 

  • where you are losing money and         
  • what to do about it

TARI® is a proven method that helps Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)

to achieve more profit for less cost:


Do you have any of these issues?



I calculate for 25% profit but only ever achieve 5%


We work harder but don’t earn more money


I don’t know where to cut cost


I don’t find a way to make my business profitable


All the calculations from my accounting don’t help me make good decisions


Need a sixth one.

tari gives you control.
It is super easy!



What you need is control. You need to have one simple indicator that lets you compare every part of your business. Unfortunately, no accounting software can compute such an indicator. But TARI does.


% increased Profit


Opportunity for you

What’s missing today

Most businesses use ineffective steering methods. Take markup: a retailer uses material cost and adds 50% markup because it is industry standard. But markup can never tell you if that particular product is actually profitable. It turns out material cost has very little influence over profitability.

Dr. Keith Cleland has analysed and coached thousands of companies in nearly all industry over the last 40 years. He has distilled his findings into the TARI method which today is taught in MBA programs in several universities. In an observational study with 700 participating companies, Dr. Cleland found that the Companies gained on average


productivity within a few months.



WHO Profits

Is TARI for you?

While companies of every size profit from TARI, the fastest results can be achieved by Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME)

TARI Business Health Check is super easy

All you need is

  • Six sample invoices
  • A few pieces of information such as material cost, last year’s profit etc…

In less than 10 minutes, BHC will show you:

        Where you are losing money
         What to do about it .




TARI does for you:

  • Increase productivity, output and hence profitability
  • Focus pricing and planning decisions only on those activities which give your business a competitive edge
  • Tells you if a quote is profitable or not
  • Unite and inspire management and staff to continually improve business performance
  • Profit – 90%
  • Productivity +77%
  • Efficiency – 85%

From Our Clients

“The real help for my company connected with the assignment is that now I try to build a new system of control in my department”


Senior Manager, Microsoft

“In the event, invoice analysis proved very helpful to decide which of the company sales are more profitable. In addition, it gives great input for managerial decision-making”

Manager, Internet Provider

“I was staggered by the first part of the work, when comparing two invoices of a large object and a private house, I got a result, that wholesale is better than retail – that it makes more profit.”

CEO, Plastic Building and Heating Products

“With the current TARI® approach it is possible to see the difference in the contribution of each customer, the time and efforts invested in each, and arrive at a situation when we would be able to assess and create an „ideal‟ customer.”
Yuri T.

Manager, European Group Window Manufacturing

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